Stop & Read this before submitting an application for travel from Tennessee State Soccer!

Travel Permits will only be approved when traveling to US Youth Soccer or USASA Events only.

Please refer to the approved tournament sanctioning form of the tournament you plan to attend. This form will indicate if the tournament is a US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournament...or if it has been sanctioned through another governing body such as US Club Soccer.

Please contact the Tennessee State Soccer office if you should have any questions.

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Club Affiliation:*  
Age Group:*  
Playing Year:*  
Tournament/Event Name:*
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Tournament City:*
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Requestor First Name:*
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Travel Form Rules and Regulations:
The above coach or manager certifies that:

The information provided in this travel permit is accurate.

This team is properly registered and rostered according to the rules and regulations of US Youth Soccer, Tennessee State Soccer Association. This team complies with all of Tennessee State Soccer team and player registration rules.

This team is not under suspension or in bad standing with any organization.

I/we (above indicated) hereby acknowledge that I/we have reviewed this form and caused it to be electronically executed with the intent to be bound to the terms contained herein.