Must be completed anytime your team is traveling outside the state of Kentucky. It is the responsibility of the traveling team to file ALL tournament paperwork.

Team Name:*
Team Number:*
Kentucky Youth Soccer Club Name (example: Lexington Youth Soccer Association):*  
Age Group:*  
Playing Year:*  
Host Organization affiliation with USSF (ex: USYS, AYSO, US Club, etc.):*
Tournament/Event Name:*
Dates of Tournament:*
Tournament Director:*
Tournament City:*
Tournament State:*
Tournament Country:*
Tournament Email:
Requestor First Name:*
Requestor Last Name:*
Requestor Role (i.e. Coach, Team Manager, etc.):*
Requestor Phone:*
Requestor Email:*

Travel Form Rules and Regulations:
The above coach or manager certifies that:

The tournament or event that I have described above is an approved format of the US Soccer Federation
Unrestricted Tournament: A tournament that is open to Federation affiliated participants. Any tournament which allows international participants must be a Unrestricted Tournament.
Restricted Tournament: A tournament that is open only to members of a single organization.

I certify that the above listed team is in good standing with the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association and with the listed Kentucky Youth Soccer Affiliate.

I understand that if any of the above information is inaccurate, incorrect or false, that the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association may take disciplinary action towards the head coach and/or the Team Administrator and/or the described team.