Cal North Notification for Soccer Travel to Tournaments

This Notification of Travel is to be completed and submitted online only if:
1. Your team is rostered with California Youth Soccer Association – Cal North;
2. Your team is traveling to a tournament as a team so rostered;
3. Your team is traveling to a tournament
      a. Approved by a State Association other than Cal North or
      b. A USSF affiliated organization

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Complete the fields below using the Cal North official roster of the requesting team.
Player 1 and Player 2 refer to the first two players listed on the roster.

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Cal North Notification of Travel Rules and Regulations*:
The above coach or manager certifies and agrees that:

This team is properly registered and rostered according to the rules and regulations of US Youth Soccer, California Youth Soccer Association – Cal North, and the league named above. This team complies with all of Cal North team and player registration rules.

This team is not under suspension or in bad standing with any organization.

There shall be no restriction messages noted on the official roster.

Traveling without valid permission may void insurance coverage and team officials may be held personally liable.

Any failure to provide true and accurate information and compliance with requested guidelines will invalidate this certificate and team officials may be held personally liable. Officials may also be subject to disciplinary actions per Cal North Bylaws, Rules, Regulations, and Policies.

I/We (above indicated) hereby acknowledge that I/we have reviewed this form and caused it to be electronically executed with the intent to be bound to the terms contained herein.